I Know First Takes Center Stage as Winner of Fintech Competition in Investment World

As part of the conference "Fintech technologies and digital solutions in the investment world - the future is already here" held this morning (Tuesday, 1/24/23) by the innovation community - Fintech.IL and the Harel Center for Capital Market Research, at the Kohler Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University, the startup companies were announced - App that won a competition in the field of fintech solutions for the investment world.

Yaron Golgher CEO of I Know First in an Interview on Channel 14’s Economics Program about the Effects of the CHAT GPT and Artificial Intelligence Technology on Academia.

Yaron Golgher, CEO of I Know First and lecturer in fintech entrepreneurship at Reichman University, in an interview on Channel 14's economics program: during the interview, Golgher spoke about the CHAT GPT and artificial intelligence technology, the opportunities and challenges and how it affects the field of education and investments. How will the CHAT GPT affect academia? Is the fear of artificial intelligence justified?

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Yaron Golgher, I Know First CEO, Gives Lecture at Reichman University

Yaron Golgher, Co-Founder and CEO of I Know First, conducted a lecture about “Capital markets and Wealth Tech” at Reichman University.

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