Customized Business-Centric Big Data Solutions

I Know First has built an admirable reputation over years of accurate predictions for the financial markets with our unique self-learning algorithm.  We are constantly finding new uses for our algorithms and actively applying this advanced technology of analyzing “Big Data Solutions” for much more than the financial markets.  Regular data mining techniques don’t work with big data because there is too much of it.

How are companies are using our Customized Business-Centric Big Data Solutions

  • Fraud detection & prevention
  • Financial services/stock markets
  • Credit & market risk
  • Forecasting the rise and fall of technology trends
  • Demand for goods and services
  • Managing resources more efficiently
  • Predicting customer behavior across all channels
  • Understanding and monetizing customer behavior
  • Discount & advertising targeting – “next best offer”
  • Call center utilization

Contact us about how our self-learning algorithm can enable “data monetization” through more timely, more accurate, more complete, more granular and more frequent decisions with the I Know First Customized Business-Centric Big Data Solutions for your business.

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