I Know First at the AI In Finance Summit New York 2018: Video + Interview

I Know First Presents at the AI In Finance Summit

Investment Selection By Combining Chaos Theory with Artificial Intelligence

I Know First was honored to be selected to present as one of the leaders of innovation through incorporation of machine learning & deep learning into the financial sector. The event took place in New York City beginning on September 6th. The 2018 AI in Finance Summit New York, brought together data scientists, data engineers, CTOs, CEOs & leading financial corporations to explore the impact of machine learning & deep learning in the finance. We heard from the likes of Morgan Stanley, National Bank of Canada, Mastercard and ING Bank on AI applications including bond trading tools, world trade, stock market prediction & chatbots.

In the presentation delivered by CEO & Co-Founder Yaron Golgher, he explains how modeling the market as a complex chaotic system allows algorithms like I Know First’s to accurately predict the stock market. Co-Founder & Partner Dr. Lipa Roitman further elaborates and dissects a more technical view of the algorithm and how it was founded. The presentation  labeled: Investment Selection By Combining Chaos Theory with Artificial Intelligence, can be viewed in it’s entirety above…

The AI In Finance Summit is being sponsored by RE:WORK, a company that focuses on organizing events that connect various industry leaders and members to discuss the future impacts of technology.


At the event, RE:WORK sat down for an interview with CEO Yaron Golgher for an exclusive interview. They discussed things such as the future of deeper learning in the finance industry, special features of I Know First’s algorithm and current projects and developments in the company. The interview can be read in full here: The A.I. Gold-Mine: Predicting Stock Market Success, or watched in full below:

More images from the event below: