New I Know First Partnership with Master Trader Rodrigo Cohen

I Know First is proud to announce our partnership with master trader Rodrigo Cohen. From Brazil, Cohen is a trading mentor for hundreds of thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel and website. Creator of his unique 'O Grando Plano' (The Great Plan) strategy, Cohen announced on his Telegram that he will be partnering with us by first offering a long-term investment portfolio based on our 30-day forecasts for his subscribers.

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Best Brazilian Stocks: Daily Forecast and Global Model Performance Evaluation Report

Best Brazilian Stocks Evaluation Highlights:

  • Stock market forecasts that were generated by both the Daily and Global models achieved positive returns that outperformed the Ibovespa index.
  • Except in a few cases, signal filtering proved again to have a strong effect on returns. Top 5 filtering achieved returns of up to 12.01% and outperformed the Ibovespa index by a significantly high margin.
  • The Global model effect was observed only long time horizons, where it achieved impressive returns and exceptional accuracy: For the 30 and 90 days, average returns were 10.56% and 20.25% respectively, while hit- ratios were 71% and 90%.

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Ibovespa Forecast Based on Algorithms: ^BVSP’s Chart of the Last 5 Months