Live AI Powered Stock Picking During I Know First Webinar

Last Thursday, June 30, 2022, I Know First organized a special webinar with the CEO and the head of advisory services. We discussed how the AI-Powered Predictive Algorithm works and how you can use it on a daily basis to identify investment opportunities in the stock market.

As a live exercise, we showed the forecast that was generated by the AI Powered Algorithm on that day for the 3 days time horizon. Below you can see the results of those predictions!

For the long positions, BLDR was the top-performing prediction with a return of 9.09% and LII followed with a return of 4.63%. For the short

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Stock Market Predictions by I Know First AI Algorithm – Live Test by TV Channel 13

I Know First Team accepted the challenge to build an investment portfolio using our proprietary developed AI predictive algorithm amid one of the highest market volatility period - August 2019. For the test purposes Top 20 stock picks package was utilized - one portfolio was maintained as passive and the other one was actively managed. In both cases our algorithmic trading stock market predictions has proven themselves to be extremely useful and allowing to outperform the major market index - S&P 500.

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