Best Japanese Stock Market: Daily Forecast and Global Model Performance Evaluation Report

Japanese Stock Market Evaluation Highlights:

  • Stock market forecasts that were generated by our Daily Forecast model obtained positive returns for all time horizons.
  • Top 5 by signal group achieved returns of up to 9,72%. It also outperformed the Nikkei 225 index by a significantly high margin in the 30 and 14 days time horizon in accordance with the Daily Model.
  • The Global Model forecasts obtained positive returns for all time horizons.

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Press Release: New Partnership with Japanese Firm Will Now Represent I Know First in Japan

Press Release: New Partnership with Japanese Firm Will Now Represent I Know First in Japan

Press Release: Tel Aviv, Israel, May 23th, 2018 – Location: Nihonbashi Honcho-ku, Tokyo

As of this week, I Know First has contracted a new partnership with Japanese Firm, IST which will now represent I Know First as a Fintech firm in Japan. I Know First is particularly invested and involved in the Japanese stock exchange, as detailed and described in the following article –click here to view. This new partner firm will represent I Know First in Japan so that they may get more exposure to the Japanese population and appease investors there. After all, I Know First serves the Japanese exchanges and provides daily AI Machine-Learning algorithms for Japanese stocks as well.
According to the IST website, IST Co., Ltd. develops, services and sells FinTech related software, algorithms and systems including ” =&0=&as of recently. 

As of December 28th 2017, I Know First finished the implementation and the training period of its AI-based ranking and forecasting model for the main equities listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. On this date, the first Japanese stock forecast was published for the subscribed investors in the local Japanese market, as the timing of the data feed and the forecast generation was adjusted to the respective time zone. Since then, the predictions generated returns greatly surpassing that of the Nikkei. I Know First’s AI-based forecasting system covers 1225 of the most liquid stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, including 219 of the Nikkei 225 index constituents.

I Know First AI-based predictive system considers the markets holistically – it searches for patterns and relationships/interconnections in huge sets of historical daily updated, structured capital markets data and considers the financial world as a large complex system as a whole. From the patterns learned and matched to the current market conditions, the algorithm is deriving future projections for the securities. It condenses the learned patterns into two indicators representing each asset’s forecast, allowing the investor to use the ranked predictions to identify great investment opportunities and to support his/her investment process and beat the broad market. The predictability indicator, available for each security and time frame, helps to track how successful the algorithm is in learning the behavior of each individual asset and thus to focus on the most promising opportunities.

After primarily focusing on the U.S. stock market, the implementation of I Know First deep-learning model for the Japanese stock market and its outstanding results since the launch end of 2017 highlight the superiority of I Know First’s approach and exemplifies the adaptability and high scalability level of the system to markets across the globe.

AI Added Value to the Investors:

The predictive AI system can be used by investors/traders to make smarter investment decisions by:

identifying promising opportunities in the Japanese stock

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