Trade Smartly in the Fractal Stock Market with Machine Learning Power

motek 1This algorithmic article was written by Yutong Li – Analyst at I Know First, Master's candidate at Brandeis University.


  • Although Efficient Market Hypothesis has been a dominated financial theory for years, it fails to give a sensible reason and interpretation of the financial crashes and crises that occurred
  • A more comprehensive financial theory - Fractal Market Hypothesis is capable to explain these crises and provide a clear-cut description of the financial markets
  • Fractal Market Hypothesis puts forward the idea of self-similarity and stability in the market when it consists of investors from a wide range of investment horizons
  • FMH verifies the root of technical analysis under the idea that history can repeat, and this process of pattern-finding can be efficiently attained by machine learning

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I Know First’s Brazilian Stock Market Track Record: Beating Bovespa

On August 1st 2017 I Know First finished the implementation and the training period of its AI-based ranking and forecasting system for the main equities listed on the Brazilian Stock Exchange Bovespa. On this date the first Brazilian stock forecast was published for the subscribed investors in the local market.