I Know First Reviews

Some of what people say about us:

There’s an AI / deep-learning stock picking service called @iknowfirst. I subscribed late 2020 to test it out. Performance results: Their top 5 S&P stock predictions for 1-year out from 12/30/21 have netted ~48% return YTD, with a max gain of ~ 80%. Impressive.
Socrates the Trader


“Greetings to the IKF team,

I have recently signed up for the Small Cap package and am excited to dig into the data. IKF seems to be one of the few organizations that acknowledge that markets are in a separate category than traditional Gaussian randomness as a result of inherent nonlinearities and “black swan” events.”

– Juchi P.


“I’m happy with the package I’ve received (fundamental package). Your picks are way better than ZACK’S”
– Rafael G.


“I started using the I Know First stocks under 5 about two weeks ago. I did my due diligence, researched and read reviews, saved from my trading earnings and purchased the subscription. I received the first email with the picks and read all of the education material I could find. I chose the 14 day picks, waited until intra-day day trading to get the equity 3% less and things haven’t been the same since. 2 weeks later, the portfolio is up 10.24%.
The point is that the picks and the web site have taught me so much, the picks specifically have provided both information and the most important thing (even compared to a huge return on investment) confidence. I feel like after 4 years of searching and just being disappointed literally every time, I found a true North with I Know First. I know first has pointed the way on how one can succeed, even when there will be the inevitable losing streak. You all provide extremely valuable information along with the education and assistance to back it up. Most importantly, the customer (me) is now informed, confident and ready to trade… All because of the direction the picks provide.
So, thanks again.”

– Bob K.


“Hey,  just some feedback – 20% gains over 2 days just using 6/6 stocks in all horizons. Thanks a million!”

-William B. 


“Fantastic service, There are many things that sets I Know First algorithm apart, in my experience. One is the ability to find/screen stock market opportunities based on their powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithm . This allows you to study many of the characteristics that go into finding stocks primed to move upward.”

– Jonathan . T


“I have been a I Know First algorithm user for about 4 years now and I have created really effective algorithmic strategies using it that not only beat the market but that do so on a much better risk-adjusted basis.. Their interactive interface is one of the most important tools, as it keeps you on the right side of the big moves.”

– Eric T.


“The forecast helps to follow the entry and exit of money in the market and thus provides a reliable tool that allows to build trading strategies.”

– I Know First Subscriber


“Excellent tool for identifying market opportunities daily
– Nathan B.


“Just wanted to thank you… I subscribed and have destroyed with       Nokia, LDK and shorted BBRY. If anybody is skeptical the information provided is excellent.
– Fund Manager and I Know First Subscriber


“The amount of the monthly subscription has covered the first trading day, very good service – Thank you!

– I Know First Subscriber


“… ANF was an 800% Jan. option today!

– John B.


“The model shows graphically and effectively, all investor and trader on the stock exchange need to know”

– I Know First Subscriber


“Just a short position on VIX, already got back the subscription fee in a few months.

– Daniel R.


“I see this as a very good tool in the management of investments in the field of forex – it’s a winning tool

– I Know First Subscriber


“I’ve only been a subscriber for a couple of months however, your service has helped me identify some market opportunities. It has been a very helpful added indicator to my trading.”
– Richard H.


“I appreciated the freedom I had to manage my stock portfolio, as I Know First only offers investment suggestions […] The performance of I Know First’s stock predictions were excellent in the medium and long term..”
– I Know First Subscriber


“I Know First has made my portfolio bloom in a short period of time”

– Joseph F.


“I’ve been using the algo to trade this market for the last week or so and I have to tell you they rock! I am up 20% today and the market is down and I took over $1,000.00 in profits as well…. quite a tool…”

– George C.