Stock Prediction: Multi-Level Stock Portfolio with Checking Short Positions and Controling Take Profit Level


Stock Prediction: I Know First provides investment solutions for both individual and institutional investors, utilizing an advanced AI self-learning algorithm to gain a competitive advantage. We offer a personalized approach to our institutional clients, assisting them in their investment process based on their specific needs and preferences. For more details about I Know First solutions for institutional investors, please visit our website.

Stock Prediction: Portfolio Tracker

Stock Prediction: Today, clients of I Know First can track the real-time performance of our strategies. Now, let’s examine the performance of a single-portfolio strategy based on the IKF AI algorithm from November 15, 2023, when the strategy was set up, to December 13, 2023. This strategy is available to our institutional clients: hedge funds, banks, and investment houses, as a tier 2 service on top of tier 1 (the daily forecast).

The strategy involves constructing a tier-weighted portfolio with monthly rebalancing, achieved through the implementation of the signal filter. Moreover, the strategy controls the majority direction. The term “majority direction” refers to our predictions for stocks, upon which we base our position. This decision is guided by a number of long and short stock forecasts. Therefore, if the count of long stock forecasts surpasses the count of short stock forecasts, the majority direction is to go long and we construct a long portfolio. Conversely, if the count of short stock forecasts is higher, we assume a short portfolio. Moreover, we determine a take profit level at 1% or 15% according an algorithmic forecast for: SPY, NASDAQ and Dow Jones Index.

In the case of this strategy, we open our portfolio based on the majority direction. If it’s long, we hold our portfolio until the next monthly rebalancing. Moreover if all SPY, NASDAQ and Dow Jones Index are bullish we put a take profit level at 15%, otherwise at 1%. If a majority direction is short, we check weekly to ensure it doesn’t change. If a short majority direction switches to long, we close our portfolio and go long in the SPY until the next rebalancing period. Also, if all SPY, NASDAQ and Dow Jones Index are bearish we put a take profit level at 15%, otherwise at 1%. Below we can notice our current portfolio holdings.

TickerEnter DateExit DateDirectionReturnweight (%)
Total Portfolio Return4.44%
Total SPY Return3.19%
The Portfolio Return for the Period of 15th November – 13th December 2023

Currently, for the period of 15th November – 13th December 2023, the strategy earned +4.44% in return while SPY increased by 3.19% for the same period of time.

The strategy provides a positive return of 283.15% from Janyary 1st 2020 to December 17th 2023, which exceeded the S&P 500 return by 237.71%. Below we can notice the strategy behavior for each year.


I Know First offers investment solutions for institutional investors, leveraging our advanced self-learning algorithm to gain a competitive advantage. We provide a personalized approach for our institutional clients, enhancing their investment process according to their specific needs and preferences. In this context, we have evaluated the performance of the multi-level stock portfolio with checking short positions and controling take profit level strategy from January 1st, 2020, to December 17th, 2023.

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Please note-for trading decisions use the most recent forecast.