Introducing the new Algorithmic Strategy Interface

Upgrade Notes

I Know First R&D team is happy to announce that we are now supporting a highly interactive user interface to support your strategy and automate processes. This guide will review some of the new features and how to use them.

Many of our subscribers read the article “I Know First Algorithm Performance Analysis (Part 2)” which discussed how to integrate algorithmic signals with market momentum to lower your risk and maximize your returns.  Since then we have released various videos and articles discussing this strategy.

Many implemented it, however were a little deterred by the complexity of it, as it really does require you to follow the price of every recommendation on a daily basis. Our team has tediously been working to integrate a module into excel  which would allow you to trade according to the 5 day simple moving average swing model with ease.

The Strategy Macro

If you are upgraded to the new user interface you will immediately see a macro button beside your table, once you click it the following interface will open up in excel.

Algorithmic Strategy Interface

If you receive an error message please check the Macros are not disabled (not in protected view), this will likely be a yellow bar on top of excel.


You are now presented with three settings: low risk, medium risk, and high risk. These setting will place the signal and predictability filters on the appropriate setting which we often use to measure our trade results with as in this article. If you click on the question mark next to the presets row you will see a further explanation of the three options.


You can also manually set you filters into your own preferred setting by moving the signal and predictability sliders.


This feature will help you detect all stocks for which their last close is above their respective 5 day simple moving average of the price, thus you can be sure that you are not buying a stock which is currently decreasing in value. However, we have also added the option to disable this although it is highly not recommended.


Now let’s see what happens when we use a signal filter of 16, predictability filter of 0.10 and of course we don’t ignore the moving average rule.  Once you enter the conditions click “run”, and watch your algorithmic table update itself. Now all stocks which meet these conditions will be marked in gold.


Further we wanted to make it easier for you to find out which stocks we recommend. The table will now automatically link you to the relevant Yahoo Finance page regarding the assets when you click its name. For example if you click on LNKD a browser window with the information in LinkedIn will automatically open so that you can view all the relevant information before making your investment decisions.


These features are available to all annual subscribers.

If you are a monthly subscriber and want to receive these features simply contact our analysts HERE. They will help you with the upgrade and assist you with any remaining questions.  Existing annual subscribers can add the new features free of charge, please also contact our analysts for assistance with it. Please note that the interface is not included in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals.