Algo-Trading: I Know First Daily Top Pick Returns 106% in Fiscal 2014-2015


I Know First surpasses the 100% return mark in fiscal 2014-2015 (July 1st). By simply investing in the strongest signal that is currently trading above its 5 day average for long, or below its 5 day average for short we were able to attain a staggering 106% return. Our strategy was to try sell my previous days holding at a good price (1% better than average) for the first 25 minutes of the day. If that fails than try sell at the current average for 5 minutes, and if even that fails than sell at market price. For the next 25 minutes We try to buy today’s pick at a good price, if that fails than try 5 minutes at average, else buy at market. Our stop loss is always 1.5% from the opening price! Here are the results of picking the top stock every day based on the Top 10 + S&P 500 subscription!

Algo-Trading: Top stock picks

This information was sent out to all I Know First subscribers, and by simply picking the top pick you would have made this incredible return. We are sharing my excel file which lists the top and position (long = 1, short = -1) that was recommended by the algorithm every day. Not only that, in the second sheet we will share tick by tick data, meaning you get to see exactly what time each trade was made, and at what price. Below is a chart of the equity over time & the actual stocks held during that time.

Algo-Trading: chart 11Algo-Trading: chart 11

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